Crossroads: A New Way to Eat and Play

I recently read a local article about Crossroads, a new game store/restaurant combination, and thought it was a great idea! I knew I had to go check it out, and my birthday provided the perfect opportunity.  Crossroads has two levels, and the first floor is dominated by a “Wall of Games”.  As you walk in, you immediately see a counter with massive shelves packed with games (almost 1500 total).  Our host immediately greeted us and asked us what kind of table we preferred. As in a normal restaurant, we had our choice of tables, booths, and the patio, but we learned that we could tell them what kind of game we were planning to play and would seat us accordingly.  If you need a bigger table or have large groups, you can call ahead to arrange the table you need for your group. 


Crossroads Tabletop Tavern

Address: 9412 Main St, Manassas, VA 2011
Phone: 571-364-8885


Once we were seated, they handed us tablets with the menu, which a good selection of pub food, as well as, the “Hungry Hungry Hippo” menu for kids.  After giving us a chance to look at the menu, the host invited us to choose a game to play from any one on the wall and underneath the counter. I settled on Clank! by Renegade Games.  I had heard a lot about it and it is highly rated on Boardgames Geek, so I decided to try it out.  The kids chose some other games to play, and we ordered or food and started setup.  While we were setting up the owner of Crossroads, John, came by and offered to explain the game to us to get us moving.  It was great having someone run through the basics of the game and we were up and running before long.


Our food came and went while we played, and it surprised me when we were told we could continue playing as long as we wanted!  They just had us settle the check at the front before leaving, and it was nice to know we didn’t have a time limit, at least from the establishment—of course, the kids had a bedtime since it was a school night after all.  When we finished the game, I died and my 11 yr old daughter beat the pants off us! 😊

Another great thing about Crossroads is the game store as part of the restaurant.  They have a great selection of popular and current games for sale, so if you see or play a new game you are interested in, you can buy it!  At the end of our night, I liked Clank! enough that I decided to buy it. Ultimately, it was a great night out.  We got to have good food and play games with friends and family.  I also saw several more games, new and old, that I would like to play, so I plan to make my way back soon.  If you happen to be in the Northern Virginia area and want a place to play games for a night, I recommend checking out The Crossroads: A Tabletop Tavern in old town Manassas.  Whether you are 4 or 99 yrs old, I will bet they have a game for you to play.