Warhammer: Age of Sigmar - Digest 004

Digest 004

Well, the armies are not quite painted (I am more behind on this than Jason), but we wanted to get our first game in regardless. So it was a standoff between the Flesh Eater Courts (Jason) vs Nighthaunts (Justin).


From the get go, Jason’s setup and plan was much better than mine. I had initially planned to come down the right side to capture the house objective there, but well… no plan survives contact with the enemy, right Helmuth von Moltke?


Looking back, I made a really dumb decision by letting him go first here. Part of that was me not fully understanding the running/charge/pile-in rules, and it allowed the Flesh Eaters to push past the objectives and suround me, essentially bogging me down. At least that is what I thought. With the flyer trait of the nighthaunts, I could have retreated past this combat and taken the objectives for myself, but I instead (wrongly) thought I could sweep them out of my way and then push to the objective.

yeah…. no.

In playing against the Flesh Eaters, i realized that those suckers have some staying power! It’s not that the models have a hard time dying (with the exception of the dragon and the varghulf—they just would not die!), it’s that they kept coming back! I would waste away at units, only to be horrified when I saw them respawn right before my eyes.

This quickly became a landwar in Asia and I saw Jason wrack up the victory points as hi models were camped near the objectives.


Recognizing this for what it was, I conceded the fact that I wasn’t going to get the victory points and decided to try to table my opponent. Again… no. I failed in the beginning to protect my hardest hitters. I failed to get my most powerful troops involved, and most importantly, I failed to separate the idea that defeating my opponent was the same thing as winning. This game is not about tabling your opponent, it’s about winning a battle, even if that means sacrifice.

I learned a lot about the game, the mechanics, and my army in general, and the best part of all this is that there are plenty of souls to feed my nighthaunts!

- Justin