Warhammer: Age of Sigmar - Digest 002


Digest 002

I assembled all of the Nighthaunt models from the Soul Wars box last night, and they were REALLY easy to put together.  I like Games Workshops new push-to-fit models, and with just a drop of glue in the holes, the suckers went together really fast.  The downside?  After putting them all together, I realized that I needed some different models to make a more playable 1000 point list (which is what I am going for).  So, I picked up another box of Spirit Host and Bladegheists.  They are heavy hitters with some pretty rad abilities.

Next steps:  Assemble the Spirit Hosts and Bladegheists, pop everything on their bases, and put some initial Astrogranite on there.  I hope to be priming everything by Friday!

-  Justin