Warhammer: Age of Sigmar - Digest 001


Digest 001

NOVA Open was an amazing experience.  It was my first time as a wargaming convention, and despite my attending GenCon twice previously, there was a very cool vibe at the NOVA Open.  The only explanation I have for it is competition.

I love board games and I love to play with my wife and kids, but deep down there is a lust for competition that drives me.  So, while GenCon and some of the RPG games we played were lots of fun, I felt a rumbling that excited me.  I was ready to build, paint, and table an army to compete at the next year's NOVA Open.

Jason had previously told me that if I was going to get into Warhammer, that he would be interested, so when I walked through the Age of Sigmar doubles event, I knew I found the perfect goal for the next year: Get ready for NOVA Open 2019.

So here we are, putting everyone else on notice as we get ready to field armies of our own.  We'll be coming for you NOVA Open!

- Justin