G9G at the 2018 NOVA Open

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Dan Pomeroy and Justin Smith had two very different goals when they registered for the NOVA Open several months ago, but both came away very pleased with the event. 

X-Wing Epic Furball


Dan, an avid X-Wing gamer, entered in the Epic Furball tournament on Thursday.  For those that are not aware of what Epic or Furball is, it is a 300-point squad played on 3x3 field.  Most players each had one large ship, accompanied by several fighters and bombers.  It is much more compact than the typical X-wing event, so you see more collisions, tighter maneuvers, and scrappy dogfights.  Speaking for myself, and one who was not familiar with X-Wing, it was a very entertaining event to watch, and I found myself rooting for collisions probably more than I should have.

Dan started out a bit rocky.  A costly placement of his large ship exposed its flank to a crippling first volley and kept Vader and Jonas out of the fight too long.  Dan's opponent, Paul, an experienced X-Wing player, pressed his advantage over the course of the match and ended up tabling Dan.  It was a tough start and a bit reminiscent of Dan's previous foray into the X-Wing tournaments the year prior.  However, in a gesture that is indicative of the X-Wing community, Paul gave Dan a couple of pointers on his initial placements, which proved to be very helpful.


Dan went on to handily win his second game and scored a narrow margin of victory on his third; however, as victories are still victories, Dan found himself at the top table playing the winner of the tournament.  Prior to going into the game, Alex had already racked up enough victories and points to lock down first place, but Dan was up for the challenge.  The experience of the first three games showed as Dan pushed his opponent to the limit and clearly played his best game yet.  Dan was happy with his strong showing at this year's NOVA Open.



I came to the event with one purpose in mind: improve my painting.  I started painting miniatures in December and am the owner of ElRenegato's Minis.  I knew that having some of the industry's best artists teaching courses was too great of an opportunity to pass up.  so, when I wasn't supporting Dan or wandering through the vendor and event halls, I was fully engaged in classes.  I have a separate Hobby Corner article that is a full recap of the classes I took, but the short of it is that these classes gave me confidence in my abilities and I feel like I leveled up!  No more noob painter:  I reached Rookie Level!